My Osteonecrosis (Avascular Necrosis) Has Gotten Better

I didn’t think I would ever be able to say it, but my Osteonecrosis (Avascular Necrosis) has not only not progressed, but has actually regressed.

It was so important that I found Dr. Glueck and had his treatment when I did. My orthopedic specialist showed me a side by side comparison of my knees before my treatment and after and the area of dead bone has considerably shrunk and has started to revascularize itself. I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

I was lucky that I caught my AVN in it’s early stages and lucky that I came across a doctor who knew well enough that my ‘idiopathic’ AVN could have been caused by clotting mutations. I firmly believe that if I had not gone on the three month course of anticoagulants I would not be posting this positive news today.

14 thoughts on “My Osteonecrosis (Avascular Necrosis) Has Gotten Better

  1. Glad to hear that. I would love to see some before and after MRI images if you have them.

    I am in the process of getting the blood tests done. Still waiting for results on eNOS, PAI-A, and MTHFR. All of the others came back negative. Still holding out hope that I can treat my AVN like you did.

    • I wish I could post the MRI images. I have the discs, but not the software to run them. I probably should have taken a picture of my doctor’s screen with my iPhone. I could see the area of dead bone from March 2012 it looked like a large white area, then he showed me the MRIs from last week next to it and you could see the white area had considerably shrunk. I had core decompression and could see the scaring from that. This doctor told me that I shouldn’t have gotten the core decompression in my right knee because it doesn’t work on the knees. In fact he says it caused edema in my knee and may have delayed healing. At the time I trusted my doctor and didn’t know what else to do. In hindsight I wish I hadn’t had it done.

      • FYI.. you don’t need any software to view the MRIs if you have the disc. There should be an .exe file in the root directory (the one on my disc is called ISITEVIEWER.exe or something like that). If you double click that, it will open your images. That’s how my discs are at least.

    • Sally, yes I think it will be. I’m going to have MRIs done again in 3 months to check on the progress, but as the doctor says it heals so slowly I may not see more changes for another 6 months. Dr. Glueck told me to keep an eye on my pain and if I think my symptoms are worsening suddenly he is going to put me on another course of a different coagulant. I knew intuitively before getting my results back that I was better. I wasn’t able to walk up stairs for over 6 months and now I’ve been going up and down everyday to practice for when I go home. I also have started weight bearing physical therapy and feel so much stronger. I’m hoping to finally stop percocet to sleep at night (I take tramadol during the day). I think I’m ready to go on a different pain killer. It’s going to be a slow recovery. My doctor was very straight forward about that. Of course there are doubts at the back of my mind. A feeling of disbelief that I’m getting better. It’s hard for me to accept that I’m getting better. Ever since I’ve been diagnosed I’ve taken each day as it comes and I will continue to do the same.

      • When did you have your core decompression and when did you have the lovenox?
        I just had surgery on one knee, plant to do the second knee in two months,withe core decompression/stem cells. My surgeon doesn’t want me to do the lovenox so I’m waiting but I’d like to start right awat.

      • I had the core decompression November 2011. Went on a three month course of Lovenox starting June 2012 and am now on Coumadin for life. It’s been a long long journey, but I recently had another bone scan and my bones finally look ‘normal’. I still have pain though, but MUCH less than I did and I have cut down on my pain meds a lot. My doctor can’t really give me an explanation for the pain other than it might be synvonitis. Either way I have taken comfort in the fact that the pain has gotten better, even though its been so gradual. I have faith that blood thinners were the best thing I did for my AVN.

  2. Hey my name is Chad and I am very happy to have found your blog on this matter. Also it’s nice to hear that there is hope out there!! I too have been researching everything there is to know about AVN. I was wondering if Dr. Glueck’s method has helped patients with stage 1 AVN in both hips? Do you have any insight or information on treatment for people with stage 1 AVN in both hips? I am currently looking into getting tested for all the possibilities of blood clotting thanks to you and Dr. Glueck. I also have an appointment setup with Dr. Einhorn at the Boston Medical Center. I will be receiving the Core Decompression with Adult Stem Cell Injections procedure. If you haven’t heard of the Adult Stem Cell Injections with Core Decompression it is something to look into. Really hopeful! I’m awaiting a call back from Dr. Glueck to further understand his studies. If and when I get these test done and any of them come back positive, then maybe a combination between Core Decompression with Adult Stem Cell Injections and taking any anticoagulants mixed with the right supplements may have some sort of positive result… right? Hopefully… I guesss there’s nothing wrong with Tripling up on many different methods to help higher your chances.

    • You should absolutely try everything you can and learn as much as you can. It’s great that you caught your AVN in its early stages. As I mentioned I had Dr. Glueck’s blood tests performed and found out I had several different blood clotting disorders. I was on a three month course of anticoagulants and upon having new MRIs performed it was found that my disease has started to regress. There is always hope!!!! I also have spoken to Dr. Einhorn on the phone, months and months ago before finding Dr. Glueck, and sent him my MRIs to look at. He couldn’t help me with my disease because it’s in my femurs and had not reached my knee or hip joints. I think it’s a wonderful thing that he can help you. I have heard, through other AVN sufferers, that a lot of his patients have had successful outcomes!!! Good luck. Please let me know how the stem cell injections go and how you are doing. So glad you came upon my site, thank you for checking it out 🙂

    • Forgot to add that yes almost all of Dr. Glueck’s patients, that he has been able to help, had AVN in their hips (where I have AVN is very rare). One question I meant to ask, do you know why you developed AVN?

  3. my husband,39 yrs of age was diagnosed with AVN in b/l hip joints-grade 1 on rt and gr 2 on left side.he underwent core decompression with iliac crest bone grafting on lt and core decompression only on rt side.following this he was allowed full wt bearing on right side and forleft the protocol was-no wt bearing for 3 wks,toe touching only for 3wks,front foot weight bearing for 3 wks,full foot wt bearing with walker for next 3 wks and then stick in right hand for next 3 weeks.3 months have passed since his surgery.the doctor has advisedrepeat MRI after 6 months post op.what all tests were done for you?

  4. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing your experience. I recently learned that i have Stage 3 AVN in my right hip. This unfortunate news took me by surprise. I saw 3 specialist which all said i will need a THR. My hopes were to have a core decompression or hip resurfacing to save my joint. I was told the best for me is a THR. I will take anymore feedback that you have. Feel free to email me if you are up for sharing more knowledge. Prayers going your way.

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