Please share your experience with doctors and with your permission I will post their information and quote that the information came from you. As a community we need to work together and spread our knowledge!

Surgery is not an option for me, so I am only going to post other doctors who you have worked with, had positive results with and who you would recommend.

Charles Glueck M.D., Medical Director, The Cholesterol and Metabolism Center

Dr. Charles Glueck is who I have been working with closely. I feel confident posting his information and encouraging others to contact him.

Charles Glueck, M.D., has devoted the last decade of his career to clinical research and patient care in: clotting disorders, ocular thrombosis, osteonecrosis, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, amaurosis fugax, sporadic and recurrent miscarriage and is the author of over 600 scientific papers.

Thomas A. Einhorn, M.D., Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, and Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery,  Biochemistry and Biomedical Engineering at Boston University

When I was first on my quest to find help I was told about Dr. Einhorn and the stem cell surgery he was doing for Osteonecrosis (Avascular Necrosis) patients. I sent Dr. Einhorn my discs, he was very gracious and reviewed them and called me back. Unfortunately for me my disease was in multiple patches and I wasn’t a candidate for stem cell surgery. However, I know he has had a lot of success with many ON (AVN) patients and I highly recommend contacting him.

Joseph M. Lane MD., Chief of the Metabolic Bone Disease Service at Hospital for Special Surgery

Specalizes in metabolic bone diseases. Dr. Lane has published several clinical papers on bone biology, tissue injury and repair, trauma, bone and soft tissue sarcomas, limb preservation, functional amputations, limb regeneration, and metabolic bone diseases (osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, rickets, osteomalacia, fibrous dysplasia).

Quote from AVN sufferer about Dr. Lane: “If you are looking for stem cells, Dr. Joseph Lane at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York should be considered….I did have to wait 3 months to see him. Before one sees him he sends a prescription for a complete blood count, plus calcium and vitamin D situation… He spent time with me which is unusual. He gave me a percentage of the size of lesions in my hips which is totally unusual. He uses Forteo (bone building drug) with Fosamax for his patients he also does stem cells.”

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  1. For, ON of the ankle and talus, I’d recommend any of the people on a list:
    either: or ON of the talus is hard to treat and these people will explain your options. Many of them will look at your films and consult over the phone. They do a bit of thinking outside the box and won’t stop until the job is done.

    In many cases (so I’m told), that there is one contraindication to ankle rreplacement: osteonecrosis /avascular necrosis. Well, these guys are good, and won’t take no for an answer. You owew it to YOURSELF to have somone work on your ankle who has shown expertise, but someone didn’t have to be in the above lists to be good.

    I can personally recommend Dr. THomas Eteven Haddad, Dr. Michael K. DeOrio (Duke), Joh Reach (Yale), Thomas Clanton(Vail), Dr. Stedphen Haddad (outsid of Chicago.) j

  2. I am in my late twenties female. A doctor just diagnosed me with Stage 4 AVN. Went to see other doctors who only recommend using crutches for 3 months and come back if the pain persists. I dont think that advice was useful since this pain has been bothering me since 2013. I am frustrated because in DC area there arent many places you can go and get treatment for AVN. Has anybody found a good doctor in this area? Considering DUKE for Free Vascular Fibular Graft, anybody familiar with the process? I am extremely happy that I finally found a community of people who can understand what I am going through.

    • Hi, My son had fibular grafting at duke ( Dr Ruch)last year.his surgery has been very successful, but that is not always the case. It is a difficult recovery. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Am happy to discuss w you. Also perhaps stem is option for you?
      Gloflin1 at

  3. Hi,
    I have AVN of the right hip, and am not eligible for hip replacement (my body rejects hardware). It seems I am too late to go to Dr. Einhorn for stem cell therapy, as he no longer practices medicine. I am stage two and am scared of what to do now. I’ve already had a core decompression and vascular fibular graft years ago. Do you know of any doctor working with similar procedures as Einhorn? Either at Boston Medical or otherwise?
    Thank you so much

    • Did you find some other docs to consult? There are several doctors who do stem… Check the doctor list here on this site… Also recently heard patients having stem surgeries w dr Sierra at Mayos , dr Dan Omar- Rei at University of Colorado.

    • Maggie, Dr. Cynthia Kelly in Denver does. She’s with the Denver Clinic on Limb Preservation on 1601 19th St. in Denver, CO. I’ve since moved from the area, but she said she’d do my hip if it ever needed repair. Now it does only I’ve moved. I really like my new OS, though and have surgery scheduled for the fall.

  4. Kirsty, I can recommend a J. Dean Cole (he’s near Orlando, I think). He’s put a friend of mine ‘back together again. His specifics escape me, but if you’d really like to know, I can find out and get them to you. Just let me know at

  5. You can’t go wrong at Duke. I know of the ankle docs, but I’ve another list and will post here after I look up my docs. But I can tell you that there’s an Andrew Brief in Ridgeview, NJ. (or is is Ridgefield?) who is KNOWN to be good. I know that there are more, but off the top of my head…Oh, ______Huntzinger or Huntzerfeld in VA somewhere. But I’ll get back to you. Annie

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